Icy blue snowflake


A beautifully crafted glass snowflake to bring a bit of icy glamour into your home!



Oh the magic of snowflakes – each one unique, beautifully constructed but so fleeting. These magical little natural creations have inspired a new snowflake range that will last forever…

With a design based on natural symmetry, each snowflake is created to celebrate the beauty of nature. The constant dancing of light off the glass, against an ever changing backdrop of the sky, creates a beautiful focal point on any window, all year round.

Each glass snowflake is handmade from two different types of icy blue and clear textured glass, using the traditional Tiffany copper foil method – each piece of glass is hand cut, wrapped in copperfoil and soldered. The solder is then polished to a high shine. They are made using genuine stained glass, so their beauty will never fade. This snowflake has a light blue glass nugget in the centre.

As each piece is individually crafted, each snowflake is unique!

Comes gift boxed, with a window hanger.

Approx.  size 16x13cm.

Recommended for indoor use only.

NOTE: The window hangers are very strong but please ensure they are firmly stuck to the window before hanging the glass. Every now and again you need to press the middle of the window hanger to release any air from it. By following this guidance the glass should stay firmly fixed to the window!



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