Unicorn in oak stand


What could be more magical than a unicorn made from glass? Not much…


One of the most magical of all mythical beasts, the unicorn is loved by all ages and said to have healing powers…The mystery surrounding this majestic animal has been cultivated in folklore and mythology throughout the centuries. But whatever your beliefs, the power, majesty and beauty of a unicorn is undisputed!

This lovingly handmade unicorn is cut from smooth white opaque glass, with the most beautiful iridescent textured glass for the mane and tail. The luminous colours catch the light from different angels, almost bringing the unicorn to life.

The unicorn is handmade to the highest quality, using the traditional Tiffany copper foil method – each piece of glass is hand cut, wrapped in copperfoil and soldered. It is made using genuine stained glass, so the colours will never fade.

Because of the weight of the hanging it is best suited to being in stand but it can be made as a window hanging if preferred. If you would like it as a window hanging please get in touch for details.

The unicorn is freestanding and comes in an oak stand. It is approx. 19x15cm in the stand and comes gift boxed.



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