About Us

After 20 years working in an office, I decided to change my life. I had always been a frustrated artist and dabbled in everything from blacksmithing to batik making. Then I discovered the world of glass and never looked back.

I moved to the countryside, built a beautiful studio and immersed myself in everything stained glass-related. I’m never happier than when I’m surrounded by a sea of vibrant colours, shapes and textures of glass.

On the surface glass seems like such an unyielding material but I have discovered that it has the flexibility and power to be transformed into almost anything.

Working with glass requires a deep respect for traditional stained glass techniques. I use these methods to create modern pieces to suit contemporary living.

Stained glass lights up rooms, cheers up dull days, lifts the spirits and even the smallest piece can provide a powerful focal point.

My work is influenced by the natural world and my passion for shapes and patterns. From the changing colours of the leaves outside my studio in Dorset, to the intricate patterns of South Asian henna tattoos and the exquisite geometric mosaics of Islamic art – my designs draw on the wealth of natural and cultural influences that have shaped my life.

I hope my website inspires you. Thanks for visiting and if you have any questions, please get in touch. I am always happy to talk about stained glass!

Grainne Galvin