Dreamcatcher – ‘Heavenly blues’


A dreamy piece of glass art for your home – a stained glass dreamcatcher in hues of heavenly blue, to hang in your window or on a wall.



Dreamcatchers,  sometimes referred to as ‘Sacred Hoops’, were traditionally used by the Native Americans as talismans to protect sleeping people, usually children, from bad dreams and nightmares. Good dreams on the other hand were believed to get caught in the web and slide down the feathers to the sleeping child below…but however they are believed to work, their underlying symbolism remains the same – they serve a protective purpose and are beautiful too!

This glass dreamcatcher is completely handmade using wire, glass nuggets and stained glass. The hoop consists of a wire ring within which are 13 coloured glass nuggets, each hand wrapped in wire and then soldered within a handmade wire ‘web’.

Three glass feathers of varying sizes hang from below the hoop.  The feathers are handmade using the traditional Tiffany copper foil method – each piece of glass is hand cut, wrapped in copperfoil and soldered. The solder is then polished to a high shine. They are made using genuine stained glass, so the colours will never fade. The design is kinetic, so the dangling feathers gently sway with movement. Each feather will be slightly different because no pattern is used.

All elements of the design are handmade, so no two pieces are identical.  As each piece is individually crafted, it may vary slightly in appearance from the photographs shown. Glass feather colours may also vary slightly but they will be all blues and turquoises and a mixture of smooth and textured glass.

Approx. hanging size with ribbon 55×15 cm. Without ribbon – 35x15cm. Feathers are approx. 9m, 11cm and 15cm long.

Comes gift boxed.

Recommended for indoor use only.

NOTE: Please note, this window hanging does not come with a window sucker because it’s too heavy. It will need to be hung from the ribbon provided on a nail or hook in the window frame. This way it will stay 100% safe on your window, for you to enjoy for years to come! It can also be hung from a picture hook on a wall.



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