Lovehearts angel


A stained glass angel with its own little lovehearts necklace! The perfect gift for someone special.


This glass angel makes the perfect gift for someone special and comes with its own little lovehearts necklace. Hang it in the window to enjoy the beauty of the glass all year round.

The angels are handmade to the highest quality, using the traditional Tiffany copper foil method – each piece of glass is hand cut, wrapped in copperfoil, soldered and then polished to a high shine. They are made using genuine stained glass, so the colours will never fade.

This angel has a smooth red glass body, crinkly clear glass wings and a metal heart necklace. Choose from three different necklace designs. (Please add a note with the design you’d like at checkout.)

Approximate dimensions: 9cm x 7cm

Each angel comes in a gift box, with a window hanger.


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