Robin Redbreast


A gorgeous new robin design for 2016 with lots of handmade detail and of course a beautiful red breast!

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A new robin design for 2016. And why not, because it’s the most popular British garden bird! We love it for it’s beautiful birdsong, striking colour and for many, as a reminder of those loved and lost. The little Robin Redbreast is close to all of our hearts.

The birds are handmade to the highest quality, using the traditional Tiffany copper foil method – each piece of glass is hand cut, wrapped in copperfoil, soldered and then polished to a high shine. They are made using genuine stained glass, so the colours will never fade.

Robin Redbreast is made from four different colours of glass – deep red, light and dark brown and a gently textured swirly white opalescent. He is entirely handmade, including his tiny feet and the feather detail on his wing, all of which make him extra special!

Comes gift boxed, with a window hanger.

Approx. size 12×10 cm.



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